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Access Privileges Error when Performing Find across Tables

Question asked by MauriceWoods on Feb 12, 2015
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Access Privileges Error when Performing Find across Tables


Hello, I'm a bit lost with what I hope is a simple issue,

I have a script that takes a serial number from one database and uses that value to perform a find in another database against that value. Here is an example:

While in "Repairs" table:
Set variable $RepairSerialNumber = Repairs::SerialNumber
Perform Find > Find Records (Inventory::SerialNumber: [$RepairSerialNumber])
if [Get(FoundCount) > 0], show an alert

My issue is that, when I attempt to perform this search (again, which searches for values in a different table/database), I get the "9" error code (aka "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action"). This seems to be an issue with the fact that I am not in the table that I am trying to search, since I am in the "Repairs" table and am searching the "Inventory" table.

Is there a way to allow me to remedy this? I've already checked the "Run With Full Access Privileges" box in the script editor with no discernible differences made...