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    Access Privileges Lost



      Access Privileges Lost


      I was fixing a problem with my IWP when all of a suddennt I lost all access privileges to my own file.  I can't add a record or do anything.  When I select File -  Manage all options are grayed out.  When I select File Options it says your privileges do now allow you to perform this action.  When I select Sharing and go to Network Settings its says Access to this file is permitted but not configurable.  Does anyone know how to restore or fix this. 

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          Do you have a known good backup of the database?

          Backing up before doing structural changes is always a good idea.

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            I don't have a back up

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              I called in and got an answer.  If any one ever has this problem close out of Filepro completely then open file pro.  After that hold down the shift key  the double click to open your file.  This should bring your back to the account and password section and unfreeze the restrictions if you are the Admin and have all the authority or security accesses. 

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                Howdy CFSTECH,


                So others who read this in the future understand why this worked:


                What the shift key does in this case (option in Mac) is to bypass the "autologin" that you must have set up under File>FileOptions.  It isn't a way to break into a file, just to bypass an automatic login feature and put you back where you would have been if you hadn't set your file to login automatically.


                Glad it's working for you!  You didn't need a backup this time...but you will next time.  Always keep backups, it aids your sleep.