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Access restrictions through IWP

Question asked by Terri on Sep 17, 2009
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Access restrictions through IWP



We had a consultant working with our company and he helped me set up a script that basically said that if a certain user logs in they are immediately sent to a certain layout. This way the outside person only sees information that pertains to them, and bypasses all the other confidential information. The only thing that he neglected to tell me before his contract time was up was how to activate it.


My question is, now that I have this script, where/how do I implement it on IWP. Doesn't a script have to be attached to a button somehow? Should it be linked to the "LOGIN" button on IWP? If so, how do I do that?


Let me know if you need more explanation or even a copy of the script. I am still now a pro at this and I know my verbiage is not always right.