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    Access to Database by Concurrent Users



      Access to Database by Concurrent Users



      Apologies if this has been asked a million times before but I have a question about how users access database files.

      I have purchased 1 copy of Filemaker Pro 11 which I have installed on my machine at work, my database is now ready to share with 3 other users within my office. Can I install the same version of filemaker pro on the other 3 terminals or do I need to purchase 3 additional software licences?


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          Unless you use Instant Web Publishing so that they can access your database from their web browsers, you will need to purchase additional copies/licenses of Filemaker Pro.

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            Thankyou for clearing that up for me.

            If we decide not to buy any extra copies of Filemaker and use the database on a seperate PC (using our existing copy of filemaker), can we then host the file on a server? The following is taken from the user guide:

            "Remotely hosting a file stored on another computer or server is not supported, as it might compromise data integrity and will result in poor performance"

            Does this exclusively apply to file sharing and hosting or is this also the case when only one user is accessing the database?

            My main concern is that the database is backed up and the safest way of doing this is storing and accessing the file from a server maintained by our IT Dept. There will only be four people in total using the database so it is more than manageable to work from one pc.


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              Performance will be slower.

              Since this requires placing the file on a shared directory, it's possible that two users would try to open the file at th same time and this can corrupt the file--that's why the warning is here. Obviously, if you only have one PC with FileMaker installed, that isn't an issue.

              What is an issue is that your file can be corrupted if it is open when the backup software attempts to make a back up copy of it. I'm told that this can corrupt both the copy and also the original file. You may need to discuss with your IT staff how this server backs up data.

              A safer alternative that also gives you quicker performance would be to keep the file on the same machine as you have installed FileMaker and use "Save a Copy as..." to periodically save copies of the database to a shared directory on the server where the server's back up software can then back it up safely. This process can be scripted to take place automatically.

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                Thankyou, I'll have a chat with out IT Dept and see what they have to say.