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Access to FM newbie

Question asked by donkelly on May 28, 2014
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Access to FM newbie


     hi all.

     Am converting myself to Mac and FM after many years on 'the other side'. A couple of questions though.

     I'm designing an accounting ledger file in FM13 attempting to replicate what i have in Access. 

     1. the ledger uses various accounts to spend and receive money to and from. How would i go about calculating an account balance for each account. I can get a balance across all accounts but not each account. The set up is that each account has an opening balance and as transactions are entered i need to see a closing balance.

     2. Transactions: In access i can specify a transaction type using a category field: Field Name; Income or Expense. i can then manipulate the actual amount of the transaction depending on the expense type. EG:  salary amount would be categorised as income and the amount entered, say 1000 would remain as a positive number. On the other hand a Rent amount would be categorised as an expense and the amount entered would become negative amount -350. This method uses the Fieldname.column lookup in a query. Can i replicate this in FM?

     Many thanks in anticipation.