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Access user needs nube help with FM tables.

Question asked by ToddLegere on Oct 31, 2010
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Access user needs nube help with FM tables.


After 20 years of debating and fighting it I finally broke down and switched over to Apple...  For this reason and a few others I need to convert my data base from Access to FM. 

I’m having a problem getting my head around table location in FM.   I’m hoping someone can help me  with this.   Presently all my tables are located in their own Access data base located on the server ( just tables).  Each user PC houses it’s own Access data base,  in each the tables are linked to the server. No tables reside here only links.

I can see how to import and link to external data in FM however i can get around not having a table in the actual data base.   It seems the only way I can get any forms to operate,  is to actually have the table right in the data base.   How do I link to external main tables?