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Accessing a form in another database - how to?

Question asked by stevenind on Dec 29, 2009
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Accessing a form in another database - how to?




TIA for anyone's help.  I am working in a small company and am trying to organize our manufacturing sampling information.  


Basically, I have 2 Filemarker 10 databases going.  One database lists the sample requests needed with such items as:

Unique sample request ID

Date sample is needed

Manufacturing equipment needed to perform sample



The 2nd database uses the same sample request ID and in additon lists detailed information about how the equipment was set up to perform the sample. This information is set up on a specific form that tells the operator how to duplicate the manufacturing process.  

Uniques sample request ID (same number as in 1st database)

Heat 1

Heat 2

Time 1

Time 2 



What I would like to do is this.  When a person is looking through the sample request database and they see a sample that they are interested in, the can click on something that would bring up the form in a separate window from the 2nd database that has all the detailed manufacturing information.


I do publish the database internally using IWP.  I am using Filemaker 10 and Windows XP.  


I am just learning how to do this so forgive me if my question is kind of basic for the forum.  I was trying to find an answer online with getting lost.


Also, can anyone recommend a good self-learning manual for using FMP 10 database design?


Thanks and HNY everyone.