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Accessing attributes of images saved in Filemaker Pro

Question asked by LuckyChoi on Oct 16, 2012
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Accessing attributes of images saved in Filemaker Pro


     Hi everybody,

     Does anyone know of a way in FileMaker to get the attributes of an image after it’s been pasted into a container field?

     As developer and administrator of a shared contact database, I would like to constrain the dimensions of the images that other users add to the records. I would also like FileMaker to track whether they are color or grayscale images, check the image format type, and be able run calculations on any of this data, So far, I’ve not been able to find any function inj FileMaker Pro 10 or FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced that would allow me to query an image let alone the contents of a container field.


     The following should give you a better idea of how I intend to apply such a capability.

     In a step-by-step example, I might set up a layout so that the only way to save an image with a record is to

  1.           Paste it into a big global field,
  3.           Press a SAVE BUTTON, which in turn runs a script preceeded by a validaton sub-routine that checks:

If certain attributes of the image falls within certain preset value ranges (i.e., width and height in pixels, size of the image in KB; the image's format type, and whether the image is in color or grayscale),

then, the script moves (cuts & pastes) the image from the global field to its destination container field, its steps are committed, and it displays a custom dialog confirmirming that the image was saved. The message box includes an OK button which removes itself and exits the script .

else it displays a custom dialog  error message explaining which attributes are out of range, does not move the image nor commit any changes. The message boix includes an OK button which clears the global field. re,moves itself and exits the script.

     Unless FileMaker can easily do this all on the fly, I might need to store the data when images pass validation so that later, I may query and apply math functions on the data. 


A couple questions that came up as I was creating this post.

  1.           Will I need and be able to include something like Javascript in my script?
  3.           Could QuickTime Pro be of any help? in addition to AV and multimedia formats, I undedrstand that QuickTime and QuickTime Pro 7 supports JPEG, PNG, PICT and TIFF, ss well as work well with FileMaker.

     Any comments or suggested alternatives would be greatly appreciated

FMPro 10.0v3
     FMPro 12.0v2 Advanced
     - -
     Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
     Windows XP Professional SP2
     Microsoft Windows Network
     Multi-plaform environment