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Accessing database online from external computer - can't do it.

Question asked by heppy on Jan 6, 2012
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Accessing database online from external computer - can't do it.



Can you help me please. I have turned on IWP sharing on Filemaker Pro 11. I can access the database via my webrowser from my computer but colleagues can not do so remotely.

One of the main reasons I bought FMP was because of this feature - I am amazed at how difficult it is to try and sort this problem out and can't believe the documentation doesn't have a step by step guide - many, many people have had the problem.

I think I have set up port forwarding. I followed the instructions on for my router (although it only lists Filemaker 1 to 5) - the instructions are at

I have set the forwarding on 5003 as that's what seems to be suggested. It didn't work so I did the same for port 591 which is what filemaker is using.

I'm unsure about static and dynamic IP addresses. Filemaker tells me to use a 192.168... address. My IP address from "what's my IP" comes up with something starting 86.1xx. etc. But when I follow the port forwarding instructions and get to the assignment stage neither of these addresses comes up - instead I have what I think is the ID for my computer which starts something like unkown.c5.d6 etc.

Do you have any suggestions? If you say "do X" please provide a link showing how to do it.

Much appreciated, I've wasted hours on this so far.