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    Accessing Filemaker Pro from Excel



      Accessing Filemaker Pro from Excel



      I run Filemaker Pro 11 and Excel on my Mac OSX 10.5.

      I want to access my Filemaker database directly from Excel (to use the data in Pivot tables without first having to export the data from Filemaker). What ODBC driver should I use?

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          To use a FileMaker database as a data source, you need FileMaker Server Advanced and the DataDirect SequeLink driver that comes on the FileMaker disc.

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            With FM 11, you can use the included ODBC driver (it is no longer the SequeLink driver).  Once the driver is installed on your Mac, you can use Excel to connect to either FM Pro running on the same Mac, or a remote FM Server Advanced.


            Jonathan Monroe

            Actual Technologies

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              Hi I'm using Mac OS 10.6.4, FM 11v2 and Excel 2008 and have installed the ODBC driver supplied with FM.

              I want to use SQL to extract the relevant data from FM into Excel.

              Unfortunately when Microsoft Query comes up and the FM odbc driver is selected, Microsoft Query crashes. Microsoft says only the Open Link and Actual Tech ODBC drivers are supported. It looks like the included driver is from Actual judging by Jonathan Monroe's post here. Pity it doesn't work.

              Where do you turn for support with 4 companies in the mix? Apple, FM, Actual or Microsoft?