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Accessing ODBC using IWP

Question asked by jimhoyt on Nov 6, 2012
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Accessing ODBC using IWP


     I've got a Windows 2008 R2 server running Filemaker Server 12 Advanced. I have an ODBC DSN set up to access an Oracle 10G server. I connected to the Oracle tables using External Data Sources and can do the normal functions like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. using Filemaker Pro.

When I try to do this with Instant Web Publishing, it will only allow me to access the Oracle data if I have the Username and Password hard coded into the External Data Source AND login to IWP with those same credentials. This breaks my whole security model. I haven't found a way around it.

     Using IWP I either need to access the Oracle data using the hard coded credentials in the External Data Source regardless of IWP login, or I need to pass the IWP credentials to Oracle.

     Any clues?