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    Accessing ODBC using IWP



      Accessing ODBC using IWP


           I've got a Windows 2008 R2 server running Filemaker Server 12 Advanced. I have an ODBC DSN set up to access an Oracle 10G server. I connected to the Oracle tables using External Data Sources and can do the normal functions like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. using Filemaker Pro.

      When I try to do this with Instant Web Publishing, it will only allow me to access the Oracle data if I have the Username and Password hard coded into the External Data Source AND login to IWP with those same credentials. This breaks my whole security model. I haven't found a way around it.

           Using IWP I either need to access the Oracle data using the hard coded credentials in the External Data Source regardless of IWP login, or I need to pass the IWP credentials to Oracle.

           Any clues?


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               Nevermind!  If the credentials you use in the External Data Sources are set up as a user in Filemaker Security, the ODBC access will work regardless of the IWP login.

               I think I tested this, but apparently had not been logged out of IWP long enough for the credentials to reset.

          from fm12_instant_web_publish_en.pdf:

               Using external ODBC data sources in Instant Web Publishing

          To support authentication with an external ODBC data source in Instant Web Publishing, you must store the user name and password for the external data source in the FileMaker database.

               Note ODBC data source single sign-on is not supported in Instant Web Publishing.
               1. Open the database.
2. Choose File menu > Manage > External Data Sources.
               3. The Manage External Data Sources dialog box appears.
               4. Select the ODBC data source in the list and click Edit.
               Chapter 3 | Working with FileMaker databases on the web 25
               5. For Authentication, select Specify user name and password (applies to all users) and enter the user name and password for the external ODBC data source. (Make sure this username and password set is also in Security)
               6. Click OK.