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Accessing only records matching a variable

Question asked by NorbertKowalski on Nov 9, 2011
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Accessing only records matching a variable


First of all, I’ll admit to being FM newbie. However, I tried to find a solution to my prolem using google, checking the technet and other means. I was not successful, so I have to ask here.


Let’s start with simplified descrition of my database:

I have three tables, each contains a field named event_id, and other unrelated fields.

Fourth table is named events, and contains unique event _id and description. All three tables have a relation on event_id with events table.

At startup I have a dropdown menu with list of events, and on selecting one item from list I am setting a global variable $$event_id.


Now, what I need to do is to in layouts I need to accesss only records that have event_id equal to $$event_id. I managed to get a similar result using script trigger (function name may not match the real one, as I am not using english filemaker):

search records (table::event_id: [==$$event_id]



show all records


However, using this solution users see that the results are filtered, and can use show all records button to disable the filtering.


So, what I need is either a way to access only the records matching the global variable without using filtering (prefered solution, as it allows to filter within those records), or to disable the show_all button and the filtering indicator.


I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.