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    Accessing password protected FileMakerPro files



      Accessing password protected FileMakerPro files


      Hello there,

      We recently installed FileMakerPro 30-day trial version and are trying to access an old database file that we have stored and not used for a few years. It is a password protected file, however, the password we were told to use does not seem to open the file.

      We're wondering if it is possible to override the password protection. It'd be really nice to access the file in question.

      Any help that can be offered in this situation would be greatly appreciated.


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          If you can't get the password to open the file, then you may well be stuck here.

          However, if this file was created by an older version of filemaker that you have had to convert with the trial copy, you may have a chance to get it open.

          Older versions did not have account names. When converted, the password is used as both the account name and password in the converted file. You can open the file by simply entering the password twice, once in each box in the password dialog.

          In older versions of filemaker, passwords were not case sensitive. You might get the file open by trying different capitalizations of the password.