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Accessing related tables... Any alternatives to portals?

Question asked by bosslisa on Dec 29, 2008
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Accessing related tables... Any alternatives to portals?


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Is it possible to access a related table from within the table you are currently working in? ie. by using a button?  Iunderstand that you can create a portal to view info from a related tablewithin your current table, but can you actually switch between tables that arerelated?  Essentially I want to beable to open the related record in the related db by hitting a button, orperforming some such function.



Let me explain my setup.  I have a contacts db and an inventory purchases db that arerelated by a number key as well as by the contact's name & company.  I set it up this way because most ofthe contacts have not made purchases. I want to be able to access the purchases db via the contacts db forcontact records that actually have made purchases, rather than having a portalin the contacts db that will be empty most of the time.  The other issues with using a portal inthe contacts db to view the purchase records are that I don't have enoughroom to display all the purchase info, and I don't need all of that info displayed in the contacts db.


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