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    Account and Password not working



      Account and Password not working


      I upgraded from FileMaker Pro 5 to FileMaker Pro 10 today on this iMac running OS X 10.4.11.  I opened our database with FileMaker Pro 10 and it converted the file to the .fp7 format, but then it asks for an account name and password.  In version 5 we never had to use a password.  When I use the username and password of the account that I installed the software I get an error: "The account and password you entered cannot be used to access this file.  Please try again."  If I just select the "Guest Account" option the file opens.


      What gives?  I'm 100% certain I'm using the correct password for this account.  Is there some password encryption on the file itself?  If so, how can I reset it?  I'm quite sure nobody knows what it might be.  This database has been in use for several years and nobody has ever had to use a password to access it.


      Please help if you can. 

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          I had the same problem. I finally found the answer buried in some documentation somewhere's.


          The converted file takes each FMP 5 password and gives it an account name that matches the password.


          Thus, if your password was "xyz", it creates an account with the account name xyz and the password xyz. To open the file with that account, enter the password in both the account name and password text boxes of the log in pop-up.


          Another gotcha to look out for is that the passwords are now case sensitive. In the above example, Xyz  won't open the converted file though it will open the 5.5 copy.

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            Edit:  I got it working now.  I just opened the file with the Guest account and then went in to File-Manage-Accounts & Privileges and was able to create a new account and password to use.  :robotvery-happy: 


            Thanks for the quick reply.  The problem now is that nobody around here knows what the password might be!  They've been using this file for years and have never used a password with the older versions of FileMaker Pro.  I can't see telling them to use the Guest account each time they open the file.  That's just no good.

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              In that case, you may have been able to open the file with just Admin, no password?


              Seems strange that the guest account option opened the file with full access so you could change the accounts and privileges. Pretty risky way to have your database set up.

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                   I tried the Admin and no password, no luck.  I found a post somewhere else about how when you upgrade to the .fp7 format.  In that post they said that you can use the guest account and it has full access.  I don't know how or why, but that's how it was setup.  Once I setup an account and password it let me limit the guest account.  A fail-safe backdoor?  Ya got me.  /shrug  I'm just glad it's working now.  :smileywink:
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                  I was creating new accounts for Data-entry access and once created they still won't allow user to open the database.

                  The only one that will work is the admin and password full access.

                  The Guest won't work either.

                  i have tried many different things and the users accounts are there but when the user tries to open it, it just doesn't work.

                  Any help or suggestions are appreciated!


                  Using Filemaker 11 on Windows XP
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                    You'll need to specify exactly what options you've selected for the new accounts in order for anyone to suggest a fix. It sounds like you have a more restricted set of privileges than you expected to get for these new accounts.

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                      In filemaker 11 on windows I do the follow to try to set up a new user account:


                      Open database with administrator account

                      File- Manage- Security- under the accounts tab click new to create new user

                      put in user name and password

                      active is bulleted

                      privilege set is set to data entry only

                      click on

                      click on again

                      confirm with administrator/full access account


                      close database

                      try to log in with newly created user account and get this msg.

                      "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action"




                      I don't know what I am doing wrong.

                      Any help is appreciated, I am pulling my hair out.



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                        Do you have a script specified in File Options to run when the file is opened? I think that's what's the cause of your error message. Some step in the script is performing an action forbidden by your data-entry privilege set.


                        If so, you can either disable this script, edit it to remove the offending step, or set it to run with "full access privileges" (Check box in bottom left of script editor.)

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                          About to give up!!

                          I have many FM5 databases that were not available because our company changed to Access.  I kept the files and was able to get FM14 just recently.  I updated all the files from FM5 to 11 as I was instructed.  All converted fine except the files that were password protected.  I cannot open those.  I tried Account Name:  Admin, with and without a password, I tried just the password, I tried holding down the shift key, I tried standing on my head and typing with my toes.  I'm about to give up and start from scratch.  Is there ANY WAY possible that I can open these protected files.  PLEASE HELP!