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Account login error

Question asked by JayChakraborty on Nov 7, 2012
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Account login error


     Environment; Server FM 11 Ver4 (mac 10.7)

     Client : FM 11 Ver3 (windows 7)


     I just created an account and set a password. Priv (only DataEntry)

     While I'm trying to log in to the FM system using the newly created account, it ask me to enter enter user id password and I did. Then it kept on asking me to provide the userid/passwd to access .pref and seems the userid/password combination (which I just created) is no longer working. But interesting point is on the back of that userid/passwd modal window, the contact form is already opened and if I click cancel I could even see the list of the contacts.


     Definitely I'm not typing the wrong password, as I have reset the password (same) several times and no question of typo.

     License limitation is also not an issue here. We have 5 seat license and at present only three are logged in.


     Please help. I'm attaching the screen shots too.