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    Account login restriction



      Account login restriction


      Fairly newish! Hi, I'm using FMP with server. I want to have a system when I have IWP users login they go to specific windows and only certain information is available to them. It appears that whilst I can restrict layouts, scripts, etc, etc, all users start at the same window. Fine, I can restrict windows, but from there I want FMP to know who is logged on and what restricted information to give them.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Accounts & Privileges..."   This is the area where you create accounts and give the ability to users to view layouts, access data, etc.  Then, when users log in via Instant Web Publishing, you can limit the layouts, data, etc.


          In FileMaker Pro Server, the Admin Console displays what users are logged in at any time.



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            Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. Usual lack of attention to detail!


            The bit about account management is all pretty straightforward - what I want is a little more elaborate.


            I have a printing company and I have a number of suppliers who supply me with similar types of paper and board. My job management system has all of my paper and board materials listed along with costs, sizes and supplier details. This element I can offer for view and alteration to the paper merchants. However, when they log in I want them to only view their own products - it keeps the mystery and competitiveness! Therefore IWP has to capture the user details, search and display their unique data.






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              In your scripts you can use get functions to identify the current user and respond accordingly:  Get(AccountName) or Get(PrivilegeSetName) are two possibilities.


              Basically you can use Accounts and Privileges to restrict a user's access to specific records and/or fields and then use the above functions in scripts to hide the "access denied" text that blocks a record from an unauthorized user's view.

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                I cannot see 'Get' in scripts?



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                  get is a function that you include in a calculated expression. You can look up get functions in the system help to learn more about them.


                  You'd use them in a script step such as...


                  If [get(accountname) = "Admin"]