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Account Management and deleting records with Runtime

Question asked by TKnTexas on Oct 14, 2009
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Account Management and deleting records with Runtime


I have a database of utilities.  Each record is one utility or telecom account I process each month.  I have account management set up for it.  There are two tables from which I do not want to delete records, as a control issue. 


The Utility Table is the parent to Utility_Notes, with a tabbed portal to add notes about that account.  I want to be able to delete a note.  I just found I can't.  I use this as a runtime.  But I do remember when I set up account management that the only tables restricted from deleting records was UTILITIES and AP_BATCHES.  Since I am only using NOTES through a portal on UTILITIES, does this mean I can't do record deletions?


I am using on Filemaker 10 on XP (SP3 installed) workstation.  I am creating and modifying on either Mac (Snow Leopard) or XP both current with all updates with Filemaker Advanced 10v3.