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    Account Password issue



      Account Password issue


      I went into File -> File Options to create a Log In account with a custom user name and password for whenever I open the file.

      After I typed it, I went back in just to check and I noticed the black dotes representing my password are greater then what my password is. After retyping I noticed again that it was about four characters too big.

      Also, when I clicked on the password field it automatically highlighted the four extra characters.

      I just got this program bought a few days a go, could there be internet corruption already? I don't get it.

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          The bullet characters are set deliberately to not reflect the actual number of characters in your password as a security measure.

          By the way, file | File options is not the route to creating a log in account. It can be used to set the file to open itself automatically with an account and password that has already been defined in Manage | Security.