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    Account Permissions



      Account Permissions


           I recently changed account permissions for our business FileMaker Pro, and for some reason am running into issues with the new "Data Entry Only" permissions not being able enter certain data. Has anyone run into this before? I can send screenshots of examples if needed.

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               Can you describe exactly what is happening when a user is "not able to enter certain data"?

               Does an error message appear when they  try?

               Are you using the built in data entry privilege set for this? Did you make any changes to the settings for that privilege set?

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                 Yes, I have two fields in which a user was previously able to enter exactly the same data. This user had all account priviliges. Now that I've changed the user privilges to "Data Entry Only," the user is getting an error message when attempting to enter the exact same data in the two fields.


                 The error message is the following: "This student number is already being used. Would you like to still use this number?"

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                   PS - I am unsure about th built-in data entry privilege set; this system was set up before I became familiar with it, and the person who created it is no longer available for questions.

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                     The error message you report is not a built in FileMaker Error Message.

                     It is a script or custom validation message that someone has created in this file.

                     You'll need to investigate what is going on to produce that message.

                     You can check the validation tab for field options for each fo these two fields. (Double click the field definition in Manage | Database | Fields.)

                     You can check for scripts such as "onObjectSave", "OnObjectExit", "OnObjectValidate", OnCommitRecord, to see if any are causing a script to run when the user modifies data in one of these fields.