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Account Privileges

Question asked by TKnTexas on Jun 6, 2009
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Account Privileges


I have created a run-time for managing all of the utility accounts for our division.  There are just over 500 records for active utilities.  These are the tables:


* Utilities

* AP_Batch

* AP_Invoices

* AP_Invoice_Details

* Locations


These are all related in one form or another.   On a weekly basis I enter all utility invoices received for the week.  There is one batch record per week.  I do the data entry for the invoices directly in AP_Invoices.  I do the entry of the AP_Invoices_Details through a portal.  I can view the invoices from the batch record via a portal.  


I do not allow deletion of child records if the parent is deleted.  I know that is a little sloppy for data integrity, but it is necessary.  I don't ever want to delete records in Locations, Utilities or AP_Batch.  During the course of data entry,  I delete AP_Invoice_Details, or sometimes AP_Invoices.  I don't want to lose that function. 


How can I prevent deletion of records in Locations, Utilities, or AP_Batch?  It seems that account privileges will prevent deletions, but it is an all or nothing.  Any work-arounds?