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Account privileges between files - Launch Files

Question asked by Vettura on Jun 18, 2009
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Account privileges between files - Launch Files


Good Evening All,

I have a query regarding the creation of a launch file:


I'm trying to create a launch file to reside on individuals computers which, when opened, will open and share a centrally deployed Master file. Basically, I'm trying to achive a simple user-experience of double clicking an icon on the desktop and scripting takes care of opening the shared file.


My questions are;


1. If I had Accounts and Privileges setup in the launch file and a simple "Open File" script to open the shared file, would those privileges be passed thru to the shared file at the time of opening or would there be a second login process?


2. Secondly, if I had a login function in the launch file which stored the Account name and Password as a Global Field or Variable, is it possible to pass globals or variables between the launch file and the shared file at the time of opening?


3. Is there a way of scripting a process to check if a file is already open/shared and if not, then open it for sharing?


Not sure if the above is clear but any help appreciated.