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Account/Password Error - Please help!!

Question asked by villa on Apr 19, 2010
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Account/Password Error - Please help!!


We were using FM Pro 8.5 on Windows XP and our computer died. We got a new Windows 7 PC and installed FM Pro 11 successfully. However, when opening the *.fp7 file it is telling me the account and password I entered cannot be used to access this file, try again later. We have used the same password for the past 5 years. The only other noteworthy thing is that the Account Name was originally set up (accidentally) with a space in front of it. So when we logged in we had to backspace before the account name and then type the password. I have tried adding the space, using all caps, etc. but nothing works. I can only view the file as a guest. I also tried recovering the file and that was successful but the account/password will still not allow me to open it.


Any suggestions?