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Question asked by BrianSweeney on Feb 20, 2012
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Accounting p&l / bal sheet summary and date range help


I'm stumped.

I have an accounting solution built into my database:

Account: id, Type (Asset, liability, equity, A/R, A/P, income, expenses), name (bank acct, office supplies, etc), sum of related journal debits and credits, asset account balance (sum of related debits - sum of related credits) and vice versa, and summary field of the like.


Journal: related account id, related transaction id, debit, credit, and various failed calculation fields


Transaction: id, date, payee payor, memo


I need a formula to get the total equity (Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity + Revenue - Expenses - Draws).  

I have a working P&L, and the net profit shows up fine.  The balance sheet works ok with the get summary asset field: getsummary(summary asset; Type) in the sub-summary when sorted by type.  But I don't know how to subtract liabilities in the trailing grand summary or subtract the net profit.  I also can't seem to get a date range working properly.  The P&L and Bal sheets are based on the Account table.  I tried it on the Journal table but it seems to list records.  

The script I use for P&L is: Go to layout P&L (account); enter find mode specify type: income, type: cogs, type: expense, perform find; sort records based on value list (income, cogs, expenses); 

The script I use for bal sheet is: go to layout balsheet (account); enter find mode specify type: asset, type: liability, type: equity; perform find, sort records based on value list (assets, liabilities, equity)


Any help is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.