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Accounting software

Question asked by willrollo on Mar 15, 2012
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Accounting software


Just wondering if anyone had advice on the following...


I am rewriting a database in Filemaker advance to replace an old Access database which is on Windows XP computers. I am a mac person, which is why I am using filemaker among other reasons. At the moment, the user expoirts csv files into Pastel (now owned by Sage) as it is only used to do the accounting side(adding invoices, VAT etc, foreign currencies and so on. No stock control or PAyroll). 

IS there a mac accouting package out there that anyone can recommned that I could use the replace Pastel, as A/expensive/B on PC only.

I thought about Accountz Business professional. But not sure I can import data into it from FM. 

Any advice or thoughts welcome...

Thank you