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AccountName specific 'saved' finds....

Question asked by ryyno10 on Nov 21, 2011
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AccountName specific 'saved' finds....



I operate filemaker solution that does not allow the user to use the tool bar, thus confining any 'finds' to scripts I have designed. 

However, I am stuck.  I would like to allow the users to 'check' a check box in a list of patients to 'save' the patient for later viewing... 

So far I have created a Checked_saved_finds field to use as a check box.  Furthermore, I created a script that finds and sorts the 'checked' patients.  However, I am wondering if there is a way to sort only the AccountName's 'checked' patients?  

I was thinkn another field that sets the AccountName on modification and then possibly omitting those that don't equal the AccountName of the user???


Does anyone have an answer???