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    AccountName specific 'saved' finds....



      AccountName specific 'saved' finds....



      I operate filemaker solution that does not allow the user to use the tool bar, thus confining any 'finds' to scripts I have designed. 

      However, I am stuck.  I would like to allow the users to 'check' a check box in a list of patients to 'save' the patient for later viewing... 

      So far I have created a Checked_saved_finds field to use as a check box.  Furthermore, I created a script that finds and sorts the 'checked' patients.  However, I am wondering if there is a way to sort only the AccountName's 'checked' patients?  

      I was thinkn another field that sets the AccountName on modification and then possibly omitting those that don't equal the AccountName of the user???


      Does anyone have an answer???


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          There are a number of options. You can't use the check box field in  networked database as each user will see each other's selections and a find finds all the records so "marked" by all users instead of just the current user.

          How long do you need to "save" these selections?

          Should the selections persist after the user closes the file or do you just need these selections retained until the file is closed?

          You can "mark" fields as selected for the current user only by storing the ID numbers of the patient records in a list in a global field or global variable, but these choices will not persist once the user closes the file. You'd need to save this list of ID's to a table where you have one record for each account name if you want the selections to persist after the user closes the file.

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             Thanks again for your help!