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      In my database I created a security layout that allows users with full-access to create new accounts, re-set passwords, etc.


      Does anyone know how to create a page that will show the list of accounts?




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          The closest that I've been able to come to is to set up a script that performs when the file opens. It captures the current users' user name and account name and logs them in a table. This does all that I really need, but for your purposes, be advised that there's no simple way to update the resulting list to remove references to any account or user names that no longer exist.


          To find out the current user's account name: Get(AccountName); User name: Get(UserName).

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                 Did you have any luck finding an answer?

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                   After fighting the inevitable question....

                   Whats my password, I forget it?

                   I had to create my own UserName and PassWord file that is very well protected and Password's scrambled by me, the Administrator.

                   Then from within my "interception" script/layout, I can reset all Files for that User and elimated old User access.