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    Accounts and 30 day limited use



      Accounts and 30 day limited use


      I am using FM 10.

      There are two issues I am having difficulty with and greatly appreciate any insight.


      1. I am using a script to create new accounts.  Yet these accounts do not appear in Manage accounts.  Am I doing something wrong?


      2. Also, I want to give a user the ability to try a program for 30 days.  I suppose I could create a simply script at open that would look to the current date and determine if 30 days had passed and, if so, disable the rest of the opening script and therefore the entire application.  Does anyone know of a plug in or other method to accomplish this?


      Thanks for your insight and assistance.

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          Hi Carlz


          1) What steps are you using to create a new account? could you copy them in or post an image so we can see if there is anything wrong.


          2) Not sure of any plug-ins that would achieve this, but in the past I have used the method you described fairly well, it is worth marking a field that gets flagged when the time is up, and checking that first, so the user does not reset there clock to get around it after the time has run out.