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Accounts and Privelge settings

Question asked by Melinda on Mar 23, 2010
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Accounts and Privelge settings



Mac OS X

FM Pro 9 on a shared server


I have been reading about Accounts and Priveleges, and have a couple of questions:


Ultimately, I want to give one employee access to one layout in one database -- I don't want her to see anything esle, or even have access to the data.  I am hoping to be able to create a layout that just includes buttons scripted to generate specific reports she needs.  Is this even possible -- from what I have read so far it seems like it should be, I am just not sure where to start because how I access Filemaker is not how I want her to access it -- she shouldn't see what I see, or be able to open any database other than one containing her layout of buttons...  is it possible to "hide" everything?


I currently access FM remotely, and choose the database I need to work in from a list of several choices.  The databases are not password protected, so I just click on the database and it opens.  I'm not sure how I go about password protecting the exisiting databases.  Can I do this, or does this need to be done on the server by the server manager?


I apologize that this seems a bit vague -- I am thinking this all through...  any suggestions, thoughts, or direction would be appreciated! :)