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    Accounts and Privelge settings



      Accounts and Privelge settings



      Mac OS X

      FM Pro 9 on a shared server


      I have been reading about Accounts and Priveleges, and have a couple of questions:


      Ultimately, I want to give one employee access to one layout in one database -- I don't want her to see anything esle, or even have access to the data.  I am hoping to be able to create a layout that just includes buttons scripted to generate specific reports she needs.  Is this even possible -- from what I have read so far it seems like it should be, I am just not sure where to start because how I access Filemaker is not how I want her to access it -- she shouldn't see what I see, or be able to open any database other than one containing her layout of buttons...  is it possible to "hide" everything?


      I currently access FM remotely, and choose the database I need to work in from a list of several choices.  The databases are not password protected, so I just click on the database and it opens.  I'm not sure how I go about password protecting the exisiting databases.  Can I do this, or does this need to be done on the server by the server manager?


      I apologize that this seems a bit vague -- I am thinking this all through...  any suggestions, thoughts, or direction would be appreciated! :)


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          I would read up on the security section. Only the developer should really have access to a Full Access privilege set. Your user would have another privilege set that has the limitating factors. If there is something that needs to be done witha  script that she does not have access to normally, then you can run the script with Full Access which will grant her temp access only for the specific functions of the script. So lets say she doens not have access to edit a certain field. Well she ran the script normally, it will error out because she can not modify the field. However, it run will full access, then she can edit the field via the script.


          Best bet is to read up on it until you are comfortable and then come back with more specific questions.