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    Accounts and Privileges



      Accounts and Privileges


      Hello all,

      Is there a way to define accounts and privileges so that certain users can only see certain fields? I have tried limiting field access by selecting No Access for certain fields. This blocks out the information contained within the fields. Is there any way, though, to make the fields and their labels completely nonexistent (or invisible) for some users?

      How about allowing certain users to only view certain records?

      Thank you!

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          To answer your last question first, if access privileges are set so that a given user can't see certain records, when a find is performed, it's my understanding that FileMaker won't find the records to which they don't have access. Show All Records, on the other hand will bring up all records and the user will see the <No Access> screen for those records.

          You could use conditional formatting to set the field's fill and text color to match the background to make them disappear. The conditional format expressions would check the user's privilegeset name to determine whether to apply these formats.

          You could also create more than one layout for the data. Scripts attached to buttons or even layout based script triggers can check the user's privilege set name and switch the appropriate layout for them.