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Accounts Creation Issue

Question asked by disabled_hipfitchick on Jan 15, 2010
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Accounts Creation Issue


As an administrator with full privledges using FMP 10 Advanced (PC) I was trying to create unique account names for my users with 'Data Entry Only.' I created a test one and all went fine. However, when I created the other 3 I cannot login using any of them. For some reason there is a line item in the accounts list for them, but no account name nor privledge set. Also, I cannot Edit or Delete them. I know in some way it recognizes the information because when I try to just create a new account name using what I previously entered it says the account name is already used. I have already created totally new accounts using different account names, but wondering if anyone can tell me how I can get rid of these to clean up my file. (Also, if you have any idea why this might have happened, I would love to hear it so I don't cause the problem in the future.)