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    Accounts Solutions



      Accounts Solutions


           Hi,  Recently i created a database for my friend ( small business) after days work. But he refused to accept Saying " It has no accounts information". I was surprised that it is giving you information of sale, purchase etc. then why it is not suitable for you? He said " I need more information such as "Balance Sheet", "Assets Value", 'Expenses", "Profit" etc". Well, i failed to do so. Then my another friend told me that there are such kind of softwares which extracts data from db and provide all information. My friend prgrammes in Vfp and he does so.

           Now Please tell me what kind of software can be used with fm to get all these?

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               Operating System Version?  Filemaker version? Language?

               What software or paper based process is he using to get this information now?

               Quickbooks the most common software for businesses to track all these.

               There is a plugin that will connect Quickbooks and Filemaker on Windows.

               There are some documents linked in this list that may be useful


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                 And it is Possible to do this all in FileMaker via additional tables, relationships and summary and/or cross tab reports, though this appears in many ways to be "reinventing the wheel" given the mature accounting software systems already on the market...

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                   I got Easy Accounting from Advance Database Systems and got some tech support from David. He helped me intergrate the solution into mine and shared some helpful technical knowledge that I am very appreciative for. The solution was very clean and easy to use. I would recommend you check it out and I hope it works for you too.


                   If you read this....

                   Thank you David from Advance Database Systems!