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Accounts/priviledge sets/extended priviledge sets questions.

Question asked by SteveMartino on Jul 29, 2012
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Accounts/priviledge sets/extended priviledge sets questions.


Hello everyone.  Was looking for a little guidance with this question.  I use FM Pro 12, with FM GO.  I created separate layouts for my database for iPhone and iPad.

What I would like to do, when I log in on a portable device, I want that device to only have access to the layouts made for that device (iPad can only switch between iPad layouts).

I am able to do this with separate accounts.  I log in on the iPhone, with my iPhone account set to only let me open certain layouts.

Can I do this by scripting, so I don't need 3 separate accounts?  I do have a script trigger set for "On First Window Open", which determines which device it is opening on, and opens the correct starter screen, but I can go to any layout on the database unless I open in a separate account.

Any thoughts on how to attach privileges to devices with scripting?
As always, any help is greatly appreciated