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Accrued interest calcualtions

Question asked by WilliamMatthews_1 on Jun 26, 2014
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Accrued interest calcualtions


     I have a simple table which contains loan disbursements made to multiple clients.  The table records each loan disbursement made by client, date, amount, etc.

     I wish to calculate the interest charges for each customer accrued between two date fields in adjacent records: (1) the current date when a new loan is made, and (2) the date of the previous loan disbursement.  Something like this:

     Record 1:  Date ...  Client ... Disbursement Amount ... Running Loan Total

     Record 2:  Date ...  Client ... Disbursement Amount ... Running Loan Total ... Date (Record 2) - Date (Record 1)

     I know a db is not a spreadsheet, but trying to consolidate outstanding disbursements and interest accrued across multiple client spreadsheets is a clumsy and unreliable manual process.



     W. Matthews