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    ACK ! How hard can this be!!!



      ACK ! How hard can this be!!!


      I need to export only the current record AND all related records and only all related records.  (There is alot of them)

      Isn't there an easy way of doing this?  I have tried export and send record but it caps out.  I am thinking some kind of related external file or runtime solution might be possible if I can filter my whole database by the current record only.  Anyone know of an plug in/application or native means of doing this?



      ddr availible

      MacBook 2.26 Intel Core 2 Duo

      OsX 10.6.4

      FM PRO ADVANCE 10v3

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          Use script-step Go To Related Records [ your child table ] and base it only 'match current record only'

          This provides a list of your detail records (you haven't described what they mean).  Export these child records instead ... and when you do so, include fields from the parent table as needed.

          If you are export to Excel, for instance, you will have same parent and one detail child record per line (which is considered a record) because it is a flat file.  There are ways you script such a process where the children are grouped via variable or calculation but we would need more information to advise properly.  Specifically, what does the result export look like?  What will you be doing with the information?  What is the program which will inherit the resultant data?

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            And to export only the current record, make your current record the only record in your found set.

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              The GTRR script step isolates to only the related records for the current record.  The request by MSpsi was to export the child records; the parent record will be exported line for line with each child.

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                Bah my long response just disappeared!!!  Can I send a PDF of my TOG Table?