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Activate a Popup menu with a script or keyboard command

Question asked by naro on Nov 22, 2013
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Activate a Popup menu with a script or keyboard command


     I'm a frequent user of pop up menus or drop down lists that select the key from a child record and then I display a different field from the child record.  With spiffy new loong unique child record keys in my solution my methods have become either too ugly(drop down list) or are still too slow(popup menu), I need something better.

     my problem: I typically use a merge field on top of the field that holds the child record's foreign key.  When the drop down menu is used the child foreign key value is visible while you select from the list (see image). Its ugly and the poor users are terrified that some code is leaking out of the solution.  The aesthetically advantageous popup menu is a major road block to quick data entry because the user must mouse activate the field instead of tab.  So seeing the child key rear its ugly head in a drop down menu is too ugly, popup menu is too slow.

     Suggestions for a fast popup or a good looking drop down are very welcome.