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Active and Alternate row formatting for Table View

Question asked by JohnDee on May 8, 2014
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Active and Alternate row formatting for Table View


     I am having a really hard time implementing active row and alternate row state colours in fmp in table view. I ‘ve read quite a bit on it, documentation, blogs, threads here etc. (whatever there is to read, which of course isn’t much), but I am not having much lack. I am getting the basics right setting colors via the insperctor for primary, active and alternate and then I select one option for my body, either one, so far so good… then nothing works at best I get one coloured line at the end and the rest of the layout in table view where there is not text is coloured.


     I read somewhere that transparency might be an issue, I am not sure I ‘ve figured this out, but I ‘ve used light colours with it. In any case if anyone can be…well… a bit more transparent on what fm expects me to do, I ‘d be very happy. :)


     (p.s. In addition when I ‘ve selected an option for active or alternate state rows via the body dialog box, and then I right click on the left of the table view I get “alternate state row locked) (or active locked as the case might be). The way I understand this is that the option to change a colour is locked. Then why is it giving me the option to select a colour (but not a custom one)? This option is not available really and I guess it shouldn’t be choosable, that’s bad ui design, imho.)