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Active Calender

Question asked by andyg4137 on Jan 28, 2009
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Active Calender


i'm trying to setup a calender which records the results of the appointment.


i have created a new database which has a new record for each week and a field which contains the week commencing date and other fields which calculates the date of each of the 7 days in the week.


within each record there are 20 consultants each having 3 slots available every day for appointments.


i have managed to set it up with an extended if command that matches the name of consultant, the date and that the appointment time is between the time range for that appointment slot. This uses a boolean value ( 1 & 0) which the other fields are set up to pull through the record if this value is 1


this works for 1 record but as soon as a conusltant has 2 appointments in 1 day it fails to pick up the 2nd appointment and the boolean value returns "0" even after creating a 2nd consultant name field.



i tried setting up as a portal but then it pulled through every appointment for that consultant regardless of date.


i'm close to cracking it but just missing that vital piece of code, is this possible what i am trying to do?


any help appreciated before i crack up!! :)