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Active field highlight colour

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Aug 9, 2010
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Active field highlight colour


Sorry if it's a simple solution, I've just started the learning curve and have someway to go yet. I'm following a tutorial and creating a slightly different version of the tutorial work file that more fits my own goals which are in a large part going to be used on an iPad with little or no intention of printing except to pdfs.

As such I have chosen white text on a near black background (tab), my body is pale yellow. When browsing, the active field text becomes highlighted pale yellow (whether that's anything to do with the body colour I couldn't be sure, but I suspect it is)

How do I change the colour of the text highlight. I assume I'll come across it in the tutorials I'm working on at some point, but until I do, It's making that learning curve a bit slower.