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Active Member Calculation!

Question asked by Tim on Mar 30, 2010
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Active Member Calculation!


I'm trying to use a Registration Date field to Calculate an Avtive Member Field, the values are "Yes" and "No". I must take two things into consideration, starting out, the registration field is blank for most records. If the Registration Date "Year" matches current date "Year", Active Member = Yes otherwise No. Question is, how do I get it to assign No when a blank record is encountered. Should be simple, but I can't get it.


Here's what I have used and it works when there is a date supplied in the record: If (Year (Get (CurrentDate)) = Year (Registration Date) ; "Yes" ; "No")


I just can't get the second part to work, I've tried using - IsEmpty (Registration Date) ; "No" , but how do I work that into the formula?