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Actually using the Send Mail step with SMTP… best practices?

Question asked by LSI-FileMaker-Developer on Sep 22, 2010


Actually using the Send Mail step with SMTP… best practices?


I'm starting to leverage this nice FileMaker feature, but I'm wondering if I should change my approach to it.  See, what I've done so far is create a few global text fields for things like the subject, message, email addresses, etc.  Once the email is sent, there seems to be no remaining trace of it.  There's no "Sent Messages" folder to look in.  We use IMAP email accounts here primarily, and I was half-hoping sent email messages would pop up magically in the Sent folder, but that doesn't seem to work (I'm not surprised).

I'm concerned about this issue because (depending on my implementation,) we have the potential for our employees to send any email they want to anyone they want, which can be a liability.  I've thought of two different approaches to this… 1) set up a new email account strictly for archiving email copies and use the BCC field and 2) set up a new table that creates a new record for each email sent out, which has the added benefit of remembering which employee composed the email and things like that.

What does the FileMaker community do?