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    Add A Field on Import



      Add A Field on Import


      Im trying to figure out the best way to automatically add a field on import for data.

      For example i have a store with a address already in my database.  I import a file with the same store i dont want to add it as a new entry so i match the records by the address and zip code.  Now i want it to add a field at the end of the entry's data with new data from the new file but not deleat or replace data with it.


      I have a list of stores i stock so they are all in the data base everytime i restock i need to import my updated file and add what products they ordered to a list for the file.

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          This sounds like you should be adding a new record--not a new field.

          You'll need more than one table. One table stores your addresses and other contact data for each store (one record per store) and a related table would store the products (one record per product). You import your store contact data into one table and your products data into the other.

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            If i have a list that has both new and already imported stores would this still work? Or would I have to import the list 2 times?

            First to put the new stores into the first table of locations, and then again to load the products to the 2nd table?


            Thank You for the help.

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              You'd do the latter: 1 Import to update the stores table and a 2nd import from the same table to update the products table. You'd map a different set of columns of data to FileMaker fields in each case but both imports should import some kind of identifier that uniquely identifies the store so that you can maintain a relationship that enables you to match store records with product records.

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                I originated a download import layout with about 50 fields.  The import side now has deleted one field and added two new fields to their stuff that I now need to download.  I can delete the field OK BUT can't get the new fields to located where needed for the download.  The new fields start at the bottom of the Download screen where you see the import fields and my layout, when I drag the new field/s into the proper position, the field that was there kicks down to the bottom.  What is the trick???