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Add a Note question...

Question asked by alanbg on Feb 22, 2010
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Add a Note question...




I'm a filemaker novice, and have it installed on a Mac OSX.


I opened the "Contact Management" starter solution. If I enter contacts in manually, I'm able to use the "Add a Note" button under the "Notes" tab. However, the "add a note" button won't work for any contacts that get imported from an excel file. When it's clicked for these entries, it just goes to the "address" tab.


I did a search for this issue, and read that the script might be out of order. I checked the script in my file, and it seems to be correct. I also found that if you duplicate the entry and then delete the imported one, that it works the way it should. This solution doesn't seem very feasible as I'll be importing contacts quite often and in large quanties, so I can forsee some major headaches having this as the workaround.


Is there something I'm missing or overlooking?