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add a note script

Question asked by angharad on Oct 29, 2009
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add a note script


First time posting here, with Filemaker Pro 10.0v3 on Windows Vista.  I'm adapting the Contact Management database and am having trouble with the "Add A Note" script.  Here's what I have:


Set Variable [ $ID_Contact; Value:contact_info::k_ID_Contact ]
Freeze Window
Go to Layout [ “Notes_Utility” (notes_info) ]
New Record/Request
Set Field [ notes_info::kf_ID_Contact; $ID_Contact ]
Commit Records/Requests
[ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]
Go to Layout [ original layout ]
Go to Field [ notes_info::Text ]


When I run this it adds a new record in the "notes_info" table just fine, and I can see it when I go to my "Notes_Utility" layout.  BUT, when the script is finished I end up on the "Address" tab, not the "Notes" tab; when I go to the "Notes" tab, I don't see my new note. Nor do I see the "Delete" icon.


In my relationships graph, there is a relationship between "contact_info:k_ID_Contact" and "notes_info:kf_ID_Contact".  Thanks in advance for any help.