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Add Account button doesn't work

Question asked by PatrickHammarström on Sep 19, 2014
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Add Account button doesn't work


Hi all,

I am currently working on account and privilege settings in FileMaker Pro 13. I have created a "quick access and commands" page in which I plan to display account management related buttons which the database administrator should be able to use.

I have inserted a button which is linked to a script which I have created and called "Add account" after having read how to proceed in the FileMaker Pro help menu. In fact, it seems that I cannot use the already available "add account" script proposed by FM as menu does not allow to "run script with full access privileges" which is required for a user without full access rights

Whether with my full access rights or those I have defined for the administrator, the button doesn't display the "Add Account Options" popup window when clicking on it. Nothing happens...

I have to add that I did not specify any account name, password or privilege set when creating the script (assuming that the popup would appear to allow the administrator to define these).

Has anyone been confronted with this issue ? Or have I done something completely wrong?

Thanks for your help folks.