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    Add category field to screen to allow multiple pick then search



      Add category field to screen to allow multiple pick then search



      I'm new to FM (1 week) and have used one of the standard 'Contact Management' templates to create a database.

      I've then imported (rather difficult) a file of Mac Address Book contacts into the database and mapped the fields.

      I want to create a new field on a contact record which allows me to specify one or more 'groups' that the record might belong to, e.g. promoters, press contact, tv contact

      Please can anyone advise on what this type of field is called, how to set it up on the record, and if I can use an Excel file as the data source as all the values for the 'groups' field are stored in an Excel file.

      Many thanks 

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          sarah armstrong:


          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro has the ability to link two different tables together through a common "key" field (or fields).  For example, in your "Contact Management" template, there is a field "k_ID_Contact" that links the Contact Management table to the Notes table.  In your situation, you would want to connect a Contact to a particular Group.  The problem is that one person can belong to many groups, and one group can belong to many people.  Therefore, you would need two additional tables.  A Groups table, and a "ContactsGroup" table, that combines each.  In the Group table, you would have the Group name and a "GroupID" field that is unique for each Group.  In the "ContactsGroup" table, you would have a GroupID and k_ID_Contact field so that you can connect to both the Group table and the Contact Management table.


          Since you are new to FileMaker Pro, this may take a bit of time to understand and implement.  I would take it slowly and look at the "Contact Management" template in greater detail. Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Database...", click on the Relationships tab, and you will see a graphical representation of how the tables are linked to one another.  This should give you a good starting point.


          If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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