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    Add checkboxes to a form



      Add checkboxes to a form



           I would like to know on how you can add checkboxes to a form, I’m using the FM Pro 12? So the user simply has to put an X to the field he or she chooses.

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               Select Manage | Value LIsts from the file menu.

               Create a value list with the values you want as checkboxes. This can be just one value or a list of values.

               Click OK as needed to save your input and dismiss the dialog boxes.

               Enter Layout mode

               Select the field on your layout.

               Go to the data tab and change the field format from edit box to check box set.

               Select the value list you have created  in the drop down.

               If needed, resize your field to correctly display all the checkboxes and their values from the value list.

               Enter browse mode, saving your changes and test your new field format.

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                 Thank you for the response, I’m having a problem setting the value in in the new value I created. I just want a check mark. What should I put in that value to just for a checkmark?

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                     Just enter a single value (could be the number one as Rick suggested) into the custom values box. You can display this value in the field or resize the field so that it is so small that only the check box is visible and then you can add layout text next to the check box to label it. This second option is often done if you use a boolean (number 1) value as the value entered into the custom values box in Manage | Value Lists.