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    Add colors to a report



      Add colors to a report


           I'm creating a report that will organize our merchant accounts by their status. I'll have a button with a script that will run the report. What I want to do, is also add colors to the report and this I cannot figure out how to do, although I know it'll be through a script.

           So our merchants will be "submitted," "accepted," "pended," etc., and in the report, I want all of the "submitted" section to look blue, for example, all of the "accepted" rows to be green, "pended" red, etc.

           Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Home > Designing and creating databases > Editing objects on layouts > Selecting and working with objects on a layout > Defining conditional formatting for layout objects


          In Layout mode, select one or more objects.
          Choose Format menu > Conditional.
          To specify a format based on common conditions, for Condition choose Value is. Then choose one of the following conditions and set the parameters.