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Add data from Portal 1 to Portal 2

Question asked by Dekade on Dec 31, 2012
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Add data from Portal 1 to Portal 2



     I have three tables: COMPOs, TOPICsCOMPOs, and TOPICs. I also have a TOPICsCOMPOs2 occurrence.


     Attached is a view of the relationships.


     On the COMPOs layout I have 2 portals. The 1st portal is TOPICs where row by row shows all of the ‘Topic Names’ in TOPICs. That portal is already functioning via a working relationship.


     The 2nd portal is TOPICsCOMPOs2. Following in the next paragraph is how information should be created in the TOPICsCOMPOs2 portal.


  1.           On each row of the TOPICs portal there is an “Add” button.
  3.           When clicked the “Add” will run a script that will perform a Set Variable for the particular TOPICs ID number.
  5.           The script then takes you to the last row of the TOPICsCOMPOs2 portal.
  7.           The TOPICsCOMPOs2 portal field (#1) ‘TOPICs ID’ is filled with the Set Variable.
  9.           The TOPICsCOMPOs2 portal field (#2) ‘Topic Name’ has a calculation that pulls over the Topic Name from the TOPICs database.


     I don’t think I will have any problem with the script.


     It is the relationships that I am having difficulty with. Am I correct in having the 2nd occurrence of the TOPICsCOMPOs table?


     How do I get this to work? I’m almost there but yet pretty far away. Could someone help me with this?



     FMPro ADV 10.0