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Add documents (files) to a FileMaker app

Question asked by PierreVanMouche on Oct 22, 2011
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Add documents (files) to a FileMaker app


Hello guys,

Three days ago I started to build my first FileMaker app. Things work-out pretty well and my app is close to finished. I just miss one function and I do not really know how to build it.

I register people in a database and they send me documents I want to 'attach' to their record. I understand that the document (PDF-file, Word-file, Excel sheet etc) can be stored in the database in a container field. Now I would like to offer the user a function to add a file with just a few credentials:  title, date written and author. The files should be uploaded and displayed in a list (portal) in which the credentials are displayed as well as a button to 'delete' the file. By clicking the documentname (or a separate document icon) the file should be opened (preferably with the corresponding application, e.g. Word, Excel or a PDF-reader).

I checked the examples delivered with FileMaker Pro, but haven't found something usefull. 

Is there somebody who can refer me to an example, a webpage or anything else that points me in the right direction?

Thank you very much !!