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    Add documents (files) to a FileMaker app



      Add documents (files) to a FileMaker app


      Hello guys,

      Three days ago I started to build my first FileMaker app. Things work-out pretty well and my app is close to finished. I just miss one function and I do not really know how to build it.

      I register people in a database and they send me documents I want to 'attach' to their record. I understand that the document (PDF-file, Word-file, Excel sheet etc) can be stored in the database in a container field. Now I would like to offer the user a function to add a file with just a few credentials:  title, date written and author. The files should be uploaded and displayed in a list (portal) in which the credentials are displayed as well as a button to 'delete' the file. By clicking the documentname (or a separate document icon) the file should be opened (preferably with the corresponding application, e.g. Word, Excel or a PDF-reader).

      I checked the examples delivered with FileMaker Pro, but haven't found something usefull. 

      Is there somebody who can refer me to an example, a webpage or anything else that points me in the right direction?

      Thank you very much !!


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          I would create another table for documents with a field for the parent tableID, it's own ID, the container, and any other fields you would want.  Set up the relationshipt between the parent table and this child table with the allow creation of records in the child table.  Then set up the portal to the document table with the fields you want to display.  You can add buttons for delete portal row, that will delete the document record.  Insert file, that targets the container to add the file.  A button to export file with open after export option checked or send even to have it open the file.

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            The Known Bugs List database file: contains a delete portal row script you can import into your file error free. (The script does not have any file, layout or table specific references.) You are welcome to use this script for deleting your portal row records if you wish.

            It uses a list of values passed as a script parameter to customize its behavior to a specific layout and portal in that layout, thus this one script can be used in all portals in your database system where you want to add a delete portal row functionality. It highlights the row to be deleted, displays a customized confirmation message in a dialog and then deletes the portal row record if the user confirms the deletion by clicking OK.

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              Hello Mark,

              Thanks for the response.

              You helped me very much: everything works fine.

              Thanks again.